Come join in on the fun, its for a good cause!


Communities serving communities

Are you already a part of a thriving community? Whether you’re a part of a professional community, social group, school, family or another community why not leverage those relationships and networks to make a difference! Big or small, events that your community hosts can benefit the Grace Clinic community in gigantic ways.

What Kind of Events?

Golf Tournaments, Auctions, Marathons, 5K’s, 10K’s, Tennis Tournaments, Concerts, Art Gallery Openings, Dinners, Potlucks, Birthdays, Church Events, Corporate Events… really anything can benefit Grace Clinic and the community we serve no matter the size or scope.

How do we start?

Are If your group is planning an event and would like to have it benefit Grace Clinic, either financially or through raising awareness, we’d love to connect! Because of our mission and vision we have requirements and requests of events we partner with which can be found here. All events that are associated with Grace Clinic require prior approval.

What Grace Clinic Gives You

Events that partner with Grace Clinic have access to the following based off the size of their event and the determination of the even from our team:

  • Right to promote Grace Clinic as your partner organization
  • Logo use for all signage and marketing materials
  • Promotional materials
  • Banners and Signs
  • Promotion on Grace Clinic Website
  • Speaker from Grace Clinic